My question involves real estate located in the State of Virginia


I am new to this forum and I need some advice on my situation. I closed my first home nearly 1 year ago. While closing, the closing agent gave me a realtor credit. When I started searching for my home it was discussed with my agent that he will give me some credit he gets as a buyer agent. But we didn't have any discussion particular to the home I bought. During closing my agent didn't show up, and the title company agent showed me the CD where there was an additional credit which was not discussed. I asked the title company about the same, and he/she said, she knows about it well and she got ok from the agent. I thought my agent has given me credit in good faith even though I haven't asked. I called up my agent and asked him everything is clear, he just texted me back saying everything is good.

But after a year, the title company came back that they gave realtor credit by mistake and they don't have any supporting document for that credit and they want me to pay that amount back and the amount is a big money for me now to pay back. I have asked my agent about the same and explained to him, he is telling it's the title company's responsibility and can't do anything and I have to pay back the realtor credit to title company.

Can anyone please let me know whether the title company can ask me the realtor credit which they gave without proper documentation? Do I need to worry about this legally? Do I need to pay back the realtor credit which was on CD? Do I need to ask the title company to send an invoice or any kind of document for me to pay back?

Please advice. I really appreciate your advice on this. Thanks in Advance