My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Oregon (portland to be specific)

The phone jack in my apartment is loose and I can tell the wiring is not connecting properly. It was there when i moved in. Ive contacted my internet provider ( I use the phone jack solely for internet use) who responded that they are responsible for wiring outside the apartment, but wiring inside the walls is the responsibility of the homeowner. Online research does not tell me specifically that the landlord is responsible for providing a phone jack, But I'm reading vague guidelines that they are responsible for wiring and the upkeep of amenities in the home. I had contacted my landlord through email in which i got a blunt one liner of that is not our responsibility. I asked for an explanation as to why with no response. I'm having two different parties not claiming responsibility and telling to look to the other for guidance. I tried to get into contact with OSB (oregon state bar) but with Covid they don't have any employees to answer the phone. I'm very frustrated, access to internet is important for not only entertainment but for work. I would have to change my internet provider or pay for my own technician.

I need clarification of the law before pursuing any action.