I was the rep payee for a family member from 2010 to 2015. They received SSD benefits from 2010 to 2013. When they got married, their spouse became their payee.

The last time I completed the rep payee report was in the fall of 2014 (which was for benefits received at the end of 2013).

I received a letter from SSA last week, saying that there was a discrepancy between what I put in the 2014 report and the total benefits received during the end of 2013. They asked me to fill out the rep payee report again (3 broad categories about how the money was spent), but they are not asking for any records.

I don't have that information anymore so, I went to the bank to see if they could pull old financial records, but they weren't able to provide me with all the records I needed. So I can only account partially, but not enough to complete the form.

The letter I received from SSA states that if I have no longer have the information to complete the form, to let them know.

I think this is the best course of action. I plan to write a letter and simply explain that I no longer have access to the necessary information to complete the form. I feel like doing guess work with the form would only lead to trouble.

I am curious as to what result will most likely be if I take this course of action. I'm guessing the discrepancy will count as an over payment.