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    Angry Facebook Ownership

    My question involves business law in the state of: UK
    I have been running a business for 3 years ( as a director ) with a business partner ( who is not a director ) We are both 50% shareholders. We have a Facebook group which was started alongside the business. The FB group is an integral part of the business as it generates the majority of our income ( we have over 58k members ) She has recently revoked my access to the group. Can she do this? I know that the group is legally is owned by FB. She was the creator of the group as there could only be one, so one of us HAD to do it. Since starting the group in 2017 on almost a daily basis there is a post that is shared that say the group was started by myself and my partner.
    Do I have any rights? If she refuses to add me back into the group and make me admin what can I do? HELP!

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    The obvious question is why did she do it? Did your relationship with her (business and/or personal) turn bad? Is she going to start her own business? Do you have anything in your business operating agreement (or in a separate written agreement) regarding the Facebook group?

    Can you start another Facebook page that she can't get into and notify the members of the old group?

    If you can't resolve this any other way you will need a lawyer to sue her for the return of access to the Facebook page.

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    In your post, you say your question involves business law in the state of "UK"

    If by that you mean you are located in the United Kingdom, then the posts on this site may not be helpful for you.
    This site is pretty much limited to US law.
    The statutes, regulations, and case precedent that apply in the UK may be different than what would apply to a similar situation in the US.

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    She has recently revoked my access to the group. Can she do this?
    Well...she [B][I]did do it[I][B], right? It is axiomatic that anything that has been done can be done.

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    Do I have any rights?
    Even without knowing anything about UK law, I have a hard time believing the answer to this question could possibly be anything other than yes. Is there some reason you think you might have no rights?

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