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    Question I Live in a (Hoa) Mobile Home Community

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Pennsylvania
    my family and i ( including visitors) are being harassed and intimidated by a neighbor. it all started from me confronting the guy about stealing a neighbors package and instead of calling the police i asked him to do the right thing and return it. his response was if i say anything there is gonna be a war over that package( which wasn't mine) just doing the right thing. i left it alone since i dont need problems like that.a week later he writes on his mobile home in public view "**** you joe", a few days later child services came to my house. i asked another neighbor he said that neighbor told him he was gonna call out of spite. i asked for a letter saying he said that but is to scared to get involved as our management does nothing as i will get to that. so i call management and explain to them the situation. they ask us who is he we dont know his name. our lease says anyone living here more than 15 days straight has to be on the lease. we didnt know his name at that point either.but they did say that house is on the eviction list just cant do anything right now due to covid-19. a few days later this man points cameras in and at my house from multiple places. one in his vehicle pointing in my window and the other pointing in the general area(not at or on his property at all) i asked him nicely to move the camera as i have 2 little girls and a wife who should feel safe inside there on home and not being spied on. he said no that he wasnt gonna move them and i said i was gonna call management and the authorities. he called them first they came and said there was nothing they could do as its private property that management has to enforce rules. we call them they say they cant do anything about anything that has went on so far.we found his name thru facebook through the woman that is the owner of the house through public records and paid to have his back round checked and he has multiple guns charges. multiple drug charges. he is a felon and cant legally live here. that is why he never filled an application out with office.this has been going on since march. we re frame from going outside as he has his kid involved and harassing us and our kids. he harasses me my wife and my father when he is here. were just at our last string that we have to probably sell our home because management isnt helping. we are scared for our safety after seeing gun charges and when ive spoke with him prior to this all he spoke of were guns he has. the police say they cant do anything without proof. (i tend to not wanna call police during a time like this for everyone's safety). please help guide me in the right direction. i found on google there laws against this. ive read my lease and says no harassment its against the rules but management doesn't seem to want to help us.

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    Default Re: I Live in a (Hoa) Mobile Home Community

    You've repeatedly said the man is harassing you but you haven't explained how. Can you p0lease do this and be specific?

    Just pointing cameras at you is not harassment. If it can be seen from his property or a public area, there ius no reasonable expectation of privacy.

    So please list all the things he has done to harass you.

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    Default Re: I Live in a (Hoa) Mobile Home Community

    Sounds like management is waiting for the courts in your state to open to be able to evict this guy for things that have happened previously. Unfortunately many courts remain closed at this time.

    As the police have told you unless you have some actual proof of harassment there is little that management or the police can do with this fellow.


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