My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Virginia

I've had some extensive dental procedures going back to 2017 with the same dentist. He is part of a large corporate dental services company I've never had an invoice, I have always just paid the amounts they tell me at time of service -- they always tell me know much before they begin the procedure.

Last week (week beginning June 8) I got 2 missed calls from the corporate office (not the local practice) but I didn't think it was urgent so I made myself a note to call later.

June 16 I got a bill for the corporation office dated June 8 for $880 for various charges going back to 2017. There were no insurance payments listed, only payments I made. The bottom of the page listed the amount I owe as "Ins To Pat-Alt/Not Covered". The date due for payment of all charges is JUNE 22.

I called the local practice this morning and they don't show anything on my account except an upcoming appointment next month.

I called the corporate office to get additional information; I explained to two different people then I was transferred to the payments department. She wasn't able to tell me anything other then "your insurance denied these" then started pressing me to make a payment over the phone. i said I would not make a payment at this time on the phone. She asked two more times until I reminded her that the due date wasn't until June 22 (I was trying to get off the phone gracefully because I was a bit rattled). When asked if I was going to be charged a late fee beyond June 22 she said "ummmm, no".

I've never minded paying my dentist for a job well done but the corporate office's sudden urgency to bill / collect is suspicious. Unfortunately, the due date is right around the corner; even a letter telling them I'm disputing until further info can be gathered won't get there until after the due date.

Any opinions and suggestions are welcome!