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    Default Being Billed for Three Year Old Dental Charges - Being Pressured to Pay

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Virginia

    I've had some extensive dental procedures going back to 2017 with the same dentist. He is part of a large corporate dental services company I've never had an invoice, I have always just paid the amounts they tell me at time of service -- they always tell me know much before they begin the procedure.

    Last week (week beginning June 8) I got 2 missed calls from the corporate office (not the local practice) but I didn't think it was urgent so I made myself a note to call later.

    June 16 I got a bill for the corporation office dated June 8 for $880 for various charges going back to 2017. There were no insurance payments listed, only payments I made. The bottom of the page listed the amount I owe as "Ins To Pat-Alt/Not Covered". The date due for payment of all charges is JUNE 22.

    I called the local practice this morning and they don't show anything on my account except an upcoming appointment next month.

    I called the corporate office to get additional information; I explained to two different people then I was transferred to the payments department. She wasn't able to tell me anything other then "your insurance denied these" then started pressing me to make a payment over the phone. i said I would not make a payment at this time on the phone. She asked two more times until I reminded her that the due date wasn't until June 22 (I was trying to get off the phone gracefully because I was a bit rattled). When asked if I was going to be charged a late fee beyond June 22 she said "ummmm, no".

    I've never minded paying my dentist for a job well done but the corporate office's sudden urgency to bill / collect is suspicious. Unfortunately, the due date is right around the corner; even a letter telling them I'm disputing until further info can be gathered won't get there until after the due date.

    Any opinions and suggestions are welcome!

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    Default Re: Being Billed for Three Year Old Dental Charges - Being Pressured to Pay

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    Any opinions and suggestions are welcome!
    You need to contact your insurance carrier and request copies of the "Explanation of Benefits" also known as EOB. The EON will show what they paid and what they didn't pay both because it wasn't covered or there was a deductible. The statute of limitations for almost debts in Virginia is 6 years so their slow collection practices aren't an issue.

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