I have been a teacher the past 4 years in China. I just tried to change schools to a new province. I have run into a problem because the new requirements of China are to have an authenticated no-criminal report for completing the new work permit.

My question is: can I get a report from a state I donít live in so that it will come back with no records found?

20 years ago while a 19 year old college student I got arrested for being drunk. It shows up on my California and fbi report. Unfortunately this is enough to make it useless. In China they donít care ďwhyĒ. They just want to see the words no record found. You can not appeal to them with logic or sympathy. I am a good person and not a criminal in any way.
I had the idea of getting my fingerprints and criminal report from a state other than California and having it authenticated through that state department.
Will I be able to do this?