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    I find it curious that as a frequent poster as yourself, that you stopped posting here within days of the Floyd incident. You must have a lot of views on what is happening, yet you are not sharing them, and I probably know why.

    A large section of our population has been muted during this unrest. White, Hispanic and Asian folks cannot speak unless it is in alignment with BLM. Large institutions are forced to submit or they will be blackballed by public pressure. And cops, I’d love to hear why they are more apprehensive when they approach a group of black youths as opposed to a group of White or Asian youths. BUT, if they said why, they’d be lambasted by those that live by political correctness.

    Carl, you’ve helped a lot of people in your career and are undoubtedly a good cop. I stand by the good cops out there and feel bad for what is being done to your industry. Good cops not being able to stop bad cops is a problem way bigger than you or the other good cops out there serving us.

    Cheers! Keep your head up! The silent majority will have your back once the liberal media has their fill of this.

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