My question involves name change laws in the State of South Carolina:

I recently found out that my first name is spelled slightly differently on my birth certificate than on all my legal documents (one letter different as in Susan vs Suzan). The only explanation I have for the difference is that the spelling was changed in elementary school by a teacher, I assume to keep track of the names other students in the class with the same or similar first names.

When I applied for SSN before getting my first job, apparently a birth certificate was not required as ID so spelling difference did not come up and my parents obviously did not apply for SSN for me at birth. This was prior to the requirement for having to do so when an infant is born, etc.

I prefer to use the name my parents wanted me to have and the one placed on my birth certificate. How should I go about changing everything (SS card, DL, bank acct, work id, tax records) to the correct spelling? I prefer NOT to change my birth certificate to match everything else.