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So, Bud, you are, as usual, spouting your usual claptrap about the left and our great conspiracies about our Machiavellian schemes to discredit Trump (not that he doesn't do just fine on his own), the Deep State and more. Bear in m ind that the Obama administration, which is so heavily demonized had exactly zero scandals, zero charges were filed (that I can recall) against his staff and he didn't have a revolving door in his Cabinet. It was a also the right wing nutjobs that seized a BLM building, damaged the building and the ground destroyed archaeological sites, were armed to the teeth etc. Virtually all mass shooters espouse right wing ideologies, the KKK isn't voting for any Democrats. I will say that I do love the rank hypocrisy that is so prevalent and captured on video at Trump and other right wing rallies. Us Lefties certainly aren't perfect but you just can't top some of the patently ridiculous crap I see and hear spewed on the right. The best thing that Trump has done is show that racism, anti-Semitism and the rest are not only alive and well in this country but thriving. He's brought all of them out from under their rocks and into the light.
I guess you live under a rock wearing rose colored glasses. Be happy in your delusional world. No scandals in the Obama administration? Deep State and conspiracy theories? I guess you don't follow the new these days. Have you heard of General Flynn? At least I gave you the opportunity to vomit your position for the world to see. I was expecting no less from someone.