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    Default Re: the George Floyd Situation, Et Al. I Have an Idea on How to Help, but Have No I

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    Look at the stats, Harold. No one will say, in this day and age, that it's because of the color of their skin but the statistics bear it out. Here, in Seattle, when it comes time to close schools, cease providing some sort of service, repair roads, etc, southwest Seattle gets the cuts. This is where the people of color live, where immigrants live and other working class stiffs live...for now.
    Cops will not admit that they are more apprehensive when they approach a carload of young blacks than when they approach a car of young whites. However, even Jesse Jackson went on record saying that he is more scared when being followed by a group of black youths over a group of white youths. Why would a anti-white racist like him say such a thing? Is it because he does not like black skin? Or, is it because he (and likely cops too) know that blacks have a higher tendency to be violent?

    I've rarely heard that wealth should be redistributed, here in Seattle. But, consider, only a handful on individual hold a staggering amount. More than 99% of the population as a whole. I find that lopsidedness troubling. I am disgusted by what professional athletes are paid and that someone would pay them so much and white entitlement is a real thing and has often been studied by sociologists. Also, until Reagan, there was a 95% tax bracket and had been for decades (between 90% and 95%). This encouraged businesses to invest profits rather than cash out profits. Also, that tax bracket was for income over, say, $1M (I don't recall what the actual number was
    The top 1% do hold a lot of wealth and it is lopsided, but they do not hold 99% of this country's wealth. The top athletes are being paid out of the teams gross profits. Soccer is far more popular than any of our top sports and they are not paid anywhere near our athletes because that sport does not generate the profit as ours do. So paying the athletes distributes the profit to the players instead of letting the white owners keep it for themselves. Bora-Hansgrohe would be nothing without highly paid Peter Sagan wearing their jersey...and the owners with the money know it.

    I once took a 5,000 mile road trip through Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and CA. The worst roads by far were not until I got back to LA, where all the money is.

    What do I think of the last two months? You mean of stunning displays of police brutality (12,000 compliant, here in Seattle), the press being intentionally arrested, tear gas canisters (tear gas is not permitted under the Geneva Convention, but we use it against our own civilians) being fired AT protesters, police doing drive-by's with pepper pellets, the use of the military to clear protesters for photo ops, feds snatching people off the street and more? I think that, again, there needs to be a long hard look at how policing works at the micro and macro levels. What do people of color want from white people? They want cops to stop murdering them and the want the cops to not get away with it. Oh, and equity. Not just equality, but equity. I'm not going to itemize what that means, if you don't understand that then I can't explain it.
    I realize cops get away with murder because of the brotherhood thing but black on black murder is far higher, yet blacks won't do anything about it. It is a non-issue to them. Another major problem is that black fathers abandon the family unit at an alarming rate over whites, hispanics, asians, etc. Are whites and racism responsible for that too.

    I do not wholeheartedly support the cops during these riots, but it is chaos at there. Are you just as sympathetic to the cops that are hurt and killed during these riots? Doesn't seem so.

    Finally, the list of prominent black celebrities that you cite as believing that BLM isn't helping them falls a bit flat. These are people that live in the stratosphere as compared to the rest of us. It's a poor comparison. It's also not a great way to lend credibility to your argument. I can provide a list of black celebrities that vehemently support BLM. Clearly a great deal of other POP support BLM as well as us white folks.
    Denzel grew up poor just like them. Maybe you should listen to his story and advice. As for whites, they cannot speak freely about their views unless they want to be crushed by the blacks and loss their jobs. So, what we have is a muted public that cannot speak their opinions. Yet a white guy like you can speak the black mantra all day long.

    For myself, I'm for anything that shakes up the status quo. I want the wealthy to be bit less comfortable and, a bit less wealthy. I want to know that a simple interaction with the police doesn't have to make people fear for their lives. I want better accountability for law enforcement. I could go on.
    Wealthy individuals do not directly affect me much. Corrupt wealthy corps like health insurance, big pharma, healthcare providers, big oil, etc, that buy our politicians are a far bigger problem than say Peter Sagan being paid $13M a year.

    As for cops, I'd say that about 90% are good cops but they cannot stop the bad ones from murdering us. Cops have a dangerous job and they need the support of their fellow cops. If they turn in/on the bad ones they will be ostracized and will eventually have to quit. THAT needs to be fixed.

    By the way, Seattle is hardly "far left", by and large. Seattle is pretty milque toast.
    Then what major city is farther left?

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    No, the only thing I want to hear out of you is the sound of you biting into a big steaming pile.
    And you call yourself a white-collared "COO" of your corporation? You have shown yourself to be nothing more than a foulmouthed punk.

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