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    Default New Apartment Roof is Leaking

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: NC

    I recently moved into largest apartment complex in my neighborhood. They marketed it as high-end and I signed lease. But now it is becoming a nuisance. Whenever I move or turn my stereo a little up, the tenants downstairs freak up. It is coming to the point that I can no longer walk in my own apartment. The Apartment management has issued me a 3 citations for loud music which is not true. Further I live on top floor and roof leaks. I have complaint about it but management took a whole week to get it fixed. Can I legally break the lease and find a new place?

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    Default Re: New Apartment Roof is Leaking

    Legally break the lease because a repair has been addressed and you play your music too loud so the neighbors complain?


    And are you the same person who has posted earlier about missing four rent payments and having a slew of late payment charges owed?


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    Default Re: New Apartment Roof is Leaking

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