My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Colorado

I bought my car outright from the dealer on 03/09/2020, no financing.

I called them around the beginning of April to inquire about the title. I was told when I bought my car that the title would be overnighted to me. The sales rep even went out of his way to explain that someone would need to be at home to sign for the delivery. I was surprised to learn when I called that they had just overnighted the title work to the DMV.

This was during the pandemic and my county DMV was not open for in-person appts, it was all done online. Per the DMV, I should receive a notice in the mail from them once the title work has finished. I never received this.

I called the DMV on 06/12/2020 and was told that the title work was sent back to the dealer on 04/16/2020 due to them not verifying my ID correctly. I was livid and immediately called the dealer. I had asked to speak to the general manager, but was told that he would not be in the office for a couple of hours (it was noon on a Friday). I was told that I was speaking with the manager, but he went out of his way to differentiate that he was not the general manager. I was told that their title clerk was not working that day and that they couldn't do anything until she's in the office.

I demanded that they provide updated temp tags and managed to get them to overnight that to me.

But I still do not have title.

What can I do?