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    Default Out of State DUI Conviction in Il

    a year ago, I was convicted for DUI in Illinois. My driver's priveleges was revoked in IL. My home state NJ, suspended my driverís license for one year after they found out about it.. I paid all the fines in both states. A month ago, after one year suspension, I received a restoration notice from NJMVC, that my driver's license had been restored.
    But, I heard you can't get a driver's license in one state, while suspended/revoked in another. So, if my driver's license has been restored in my home state, does that mean I can drive in all states? Also in IL ?
    Thank You for the answers.

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    Default Re: Out of State DUI Conviction in Il

    You need to check with IL about being drive there. With your privilege restored in your home state, you can drive in other states except IL if you privilege is still revoked there.

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    Default Re: Out of State DUI Conviction in Il

    As Writer points out there are two issues:

    1. If you have a valid license in your home state (that seems to be true).
    2. That you are not banned from driving in whatever state you are driving in (you need to check with that state).

    Illinois may require you to pay a restoration fee in their state if you have not done so, even if you don't have an IL license.

    Each state reports to the NDR if they think you are eligible. Old revocations have a nasty habit of popping up and blocking renewals (or relicensure in a third state). It would behoove you to verify you've squared yourself with Illinois.

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