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    Default Service of an Ex Parte Order

    so i have a weekend job as a receptionist in Maryland.
    The police came with an ex-parte order.

    they wanted to know an employee's schedule. i told them i cant give out that information. they threatened me with arrest. they told me i would be legally responsible if there was any violence to the person who swore out the order if i were to delay process

    is that all proper? or no?

    also, hey now I'm i allowed to know about the ex-parte order?
    in other words..can i look it up someplace.

    who might be violent around who? why at my work? etc...
    so id like to know about it if i legaly can

    ps mods can relocate my post if its in the wrong thread.


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    Default Re: Service of an Ex Parte Order

    You can check with the county courthouse to see if you can find any records under the name of the subject of the restraining order, and examine the court file from that case. It should be a public record.

    Why weren't you wiling to tell the police when this person was working, particularly if you think there's valid cause to be fearful of the person?

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    Default Re: Service of an Ex Parte Order

    cuz police routinly lie about things. it may have just been a routine summons and we all know cops lie and use scare tactics as tools of the trade to manipulate people with fear.

    i have no reason to believe a cop. as you say i owe no one anything right?

    [...] i dont owe the police anything. hes asking for a favor by asking my to violate company policy and put my life at risk. both with employment and with retaliation. if hes violent he will be violent to me if i give up the info. hes on private property. if he doesnt like my answer then he can leave.

    hey do i jump in his squad car and tell him what to do?

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    Default Re: Service of an Ex Parte Order

    current situation of our police include

    BPD - $37 Million in Overtime, 30 million in fraud?


    In this morning's Examiner, the editorial and the article.

    The budget for Police OT was $7 million. The total was $37 million. Six officers were charged with OT fraud but they're just a drop in the bucket.

    surprised they would make the spreadsheet available on-line, but it's there.

    Albert Marcus had 3,695.11 hours of overtime. That's 10 hours of overtime every day of the year!

    Interesting numbers. If you work a 40 hour week that makes 2080 hours per year regular time. I find it very hard to believe anyone could work anywhere near those ot hours.

    2080+3695=5775 hours in a year if you divide that by 52 weeks a year this guy works 111.05 hours a week. so he works 15 hours a day every day of his life? What if he misses a day does he works 30 hours in the next day to make up for it? (That’s a trick question…we know there’s only 24 hours in a day.)

    But it’s nice to know this policeman will be on patrol for dang near every hour of every day

    previous headlines include.

    polic3e commish ADMITS to overtime fraud.

    trooper of the year gets caught in iad sting!
    (half for evidence half for me)

    City cop guilty of gun charge, eluding police!

    so i wonder why our citizens question the police around here?
    i realy dont have time to saturate this board with the "criminal police"
    news links

    dwi, domestics, drugs, federal racketerring charges etc.....

    hey the previous comish was fired due to a complaint of domestic abuse.

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