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    Default Tailgating As Police Entrapment

    I just received a speeding ticket in Missouri, I was speeding but not as fast as the police officer clocked me at. I felt I was forced to speed up because the police car was tailgating me (I could not tell it was a police car because it didn't have lights or anything). I was trying to get in the right lane but there was a car next to me so I had to speed up to get over, then the police officer was following so close that I was afraid to slow down. Is this entrapment?

    I'm worried because I was speeding before he got behind me although it was not at the speed he clocked me at. I feel that I would not have been going as fast if the officer had not been so close to me.

    I probably won't be able to completely get rid of the fine since I was going over the speed limit, I think it will be lowered though. My question is do I have a case to sue the officer? or the police department? how does that work? If I don't win but the case is "settled" would I still get money? Do I need some sort of evidence to sue?


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    you have no damages caused by the cop tailgating you. what would you be suing for? you admit you were speeding. all you got was a ticket.

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    The damages being that I had to go to court to fight the ticket(were it not so high maybe I would be able to just pay it) and I spend the school year in a different state so it is expensive to have to get back to MO. Also, maybe I wouldn't have been pulled over at all had the officer not been tailgating and not have to pay anything.

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    Default Re: Tailgating As Police Entrapment

    Definitions of entrapment on the Web:

    * A defense to criminal charges alleging that agents of the government induced a person to commit a crime he or she otherwise would not have committed.

    * In criminal procedures, a complete defense. The defendant must show that officers induced the defendant to commit a crime not contemplated by him, for the purpose of instituting a criminal prosecution against him.

    * The damaging admission and trapping of air, flux, and fumes ; It is caused by contamination and plating.

    * This usually occurs when the paddlers’ boat has been pinned against an obstacle. The paddler can then be trapped in the boat by the force of the water or due to the boat collapsing.

    * a defense that claims the defendant would not have broken the law if not tricked into doing it by law enforcement officials

    * In jurisprudence, entrapment is a procedural defense by which a defendant may argue that they should not be held criminally liable for actions which broke the law, because they were induced (or entrapped) by the police to commit said acts. For the defense to be successful, the defendant must demonstrate that the police induced an otherwise unwilling person to commit a crime. ...

    * Entrapment (1999), directed by Jon Amiel, is a film starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was greatly criticised by several critics, with one complaining that the movie was "dedicated to one woman's ass" due to a close-up of Zeta-Jones' posterior being prominent in the trailers for the film. Complaints also arose from Malaysia, with some claiming that the movie depicted Malaysia as a backwards country, and was factually inaccurate. ...

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