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    I did not file taxes as my income was less than $5k.
    Just because you weren't filing doesn't mean that your employer wasn't paying their portion of FICA, FUTA/SUTA, and WC. Your taxes have nothing to do with UI.

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    I worked part time for cash but never filed taxes in my life.

    the system asks for last day work and or last employer. It doesn't give options to choose none.
    This makes no sense. If you worked, then you had an employer and dates, and you wouldn't be selecting "none."

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    I have not kept up with these particular issues since they're managed by a different area where I work and I've got enough to remember with the changes that do affect what I do. But I have to say, and I truly never thought I'd be saying this when I got up this morning, that I agree with Harold. You have nothing to lose by applying. The worst they can say is No.

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