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    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Tennessee. My daughter bought a car last year with her tax refund. The buyer told her they had to go to the police station and fill out a form for the title to be checked out because it was an out of state title. After about a month she got the report from the police but the woman who sold her the car had all but vanished. Because she was totally inexperienced about these matters the woman managed to take her money, not give her a receipt or the title. After another month they cancelled the tags so it has been sitting in our driveway for over a year now. My question is, how can we legally get this car in our name if we can't track down this woman? She apparently isn't interested in regaining the car because there it sits. Do we have any recourse at all?

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    Your daughter has learned a healthy life lesson from the school of hard knocks. NEVER hand over the money without title in hand, properly identifying the seller as owner, no matter what the story is. Oh, and never buy a car with an out-of state title. Always make the seller title it in your state before buying it. Or walk away. There are plenty of cars that can be bought without title issues.

    Fortunately for your daughter, Tennessee is one of those states that allow a vehicle owner to post a bond when there is a title issue.

    See statute 55-3-103:

    Print that out, take your daughter and her paperwork to the DMV for further instructons.

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