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    Default Fiance Spying on Me Through My Cable Provider and Cameras

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    I would like to know if i could pursue stalking charges and/or protective order against my fiance who has been admittedly spying on me through my cable provider.

    The short story is we live together. We've been together for 6 years. Because of custody of my child, I must maintain a home in my town and I pay all the bills and I'm the only one on the lease. I asked him to be on it and he said no. he wanted no legal ties to me until we married. He has backed out of numerous wedding dates and now he says he can't set one with me until I "drastically improve my behavior". Anyway, the legal point is that I'm the only one on the lease and on the cable bill.

    He would not allow me on his lease however the leasing agent was not ok with that so he forced the matter and bullied them so that he just had me listed as one of his "roommates/children" --not co applicant. So I have no rights. He made a huge point to tell the leasing agent I was not to be anywhere near his lease.

    Recently he wanted to know if my 14 year old son was coming as I expected. I had traveled to my apartment to have him. In the past, if I tell him that my son is late or he is delayed until the next day -- he blows up and says the reason I go to my apartment out of town is "maybe to cheat on him". It's insanity. Anyway, now i've learned that if there are any delays etc I avoid the fight by just saying my son is there but on video games etc.

    So, yesterday he told me he had proof my son was not there. He told me that he was watching who was logging in and out of the spectrum cable account wifi. He said he didn't see my son's account on there.

    It clicked now because a few weeks ago he was making fun of me for not paying my cable bill. I said I don't have a cable bill? It's paid, he told me that the bill was in the app. I was like what?? Turns out he set up the app and the spectrum account with him as a user (not on the account though) and he was receiving my bills via email. Not me. So spectrum is communicating with him about my account. Not me.

    So, the relationship is going south in many ways and I am trying to do my due diligence and document everythiing. I think I will want to pursue a protective order. I have tried to get one against him in the past and it didn't work. he hired a big lawyer and I got scared and I didn't get past the TEMPORARY protective order. I dropped it before I went to court.

    So I need to make sure I know what i'm doing and I'm documenting properly so that when I leave -- I'm truly ready and armed with evidence. I may have NOTHING here. I'm not a lawyer. I haven't spoken with one yet, either. I have one of the top criminal lawyers in the state as a CLIENT of my business, but I don't want to share personal info.

    Any advice would be grateful appreciated.

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    Default Re: Fiance Spying on Me Through My Cable Provider and Cameras


    You aren't married to him. He isn't the father of your child. He has is own place.

    Tell him in writing it's over, done, finished.

    Change your door locks.

    Then do whatever it takes to secure your cable (and other) accounts. Might just need to change your passwords.

    Then, if he bothers you, you won't need a lawyer to get a restraining order.

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    Default Re: Fiance Spying on Me Through My Cable Provider and Cameras

    I know this goes into more of a personal relationship forum than legal -- but it's more than that. I have heard threats after threats. He is going to "destroy me" "ruin me". He likes to say all of these types of things and then think that his words disappear into the abyss.

    I have been through a lot of abuse and I want to be able to have not only personal strength but LEGAL strength. I want him to learn a lesson about this through any legal remedy I can accurately utilize.

    If you could help me thinking forward...about my situation... I would appreciate it. I want to be extremely well documented and meticulous with how I have my evidence of his abuse.

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    Default Re: Fiance Spying on Me Through My Cable Provider and Cameras

    There are no "legal" issues. Like many abused women your fear is making you helpless. Fear of this, fear of that, what if this, what if that. That's how the control freak continues his abuse with impunity. He's not going to learn a lesson. Once you make the break, he's going to move on to the next helpless woman.

    You don't need documentation and evidence. All you need is the courage to make the break today, change your locks, change your passwords, block his phone, text and emails.

    Call this agency:

    If they don't have a presence in your city, then can probably refer you to one that's local.

    Now, tell me again why you aren't going to do this TODAY.

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