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    Exclamation Selling Personal Info

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California

    Lots of sketchy companies online (e.g.,, etc) are selling people's personal info (cell phone numbers, emails, addresses, arrest records, etc.) to paying members. The people who get their records checked don't even know who or when their record is pulled. This I think could be used maliciously, and the people who are getting these records don't have to justify why they are pulling people's records and for what intent. There is no accountability. I know california allows for the do not sell your info act, and the website also allows for people to remove their records, but its often long and tedious, reqiuiring people to call an agent, recieve an email, send snail mail, or a combination of these. Also, the removal request can take 48-72 hours, or even longer, leaving people vulnerable during this time. Also, these are private companies, and it would be near impossible for a person to go through and find each site, and call each site's customer service/fill out the removal form to request for their records to be removed. I checked my record, and most of the info seems to be accurate from what they preliminarily present (I never paid for it). I am sure there must be some sort of law against this right? What do you lawyers think?


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    Duplicate thread. I already answered this in the other thread you created. Do not respond here furhter.


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