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    Default Landlord Wants to "Inspect" Inside and Outside of House

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Florida

    My husband and I (along with our 4 children) have been renting our current residence for almost 2 years. Our current lease is over on the last day of June. Our landlord has never come to inspect in the entire time we have been living here. Now he gives us less than 2 days notice that he will be inspecting both the inside and outside of the house on Thursday. Why he would do this when we have 2 months left in our lease is beyond me. Also in the last 2 months he has literally been nitpicking about ANYTHING in our yard. He even tries to tell us when he doesn't like certain lawn furniture and when the kids have toys in the back yard. We have never paid late and usually pay 1-2 days early.

    My real question is, can our landlord legally enter the residence without our permission during this pandemic while we are trying to protect our children? He says he will come in whether or not we are here and that he has a key so he's coming in even if the doors are locked. All for the purpose of an inspection.

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    Default Re: Landlord Wants to "Inspect" Inside and Outside of House

    Here's a link to the Florida statute on the landlord's right to access a rented dwelling unit (e.g., a house, apartment, etc.).

    Needless to say, the law has not been modified to address the current pandemic situation. You are, of course, free to discuss what sorts of precautions you'd like him to take as well as discuss the reason(s) for the inspection.

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