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    Default Unsettled Auto Insurance Claim

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Arizona

    This is a follow up to an accident which occurred 11/19/2018 involving my daughter's vehicle. Her insurance company adjuster indicated the vehicle was a total loss. However, due to the discrepancy of the vehicle comparable's being used to come up with the Fair Market Value the settlement offer amount at the time was rejected. There was never a demand or a request by either parties for a vehicle appraisal. Since the claim settlement was never accepted the adjuster closed the claim. So, since this claim was never settled does my daughter still retain the right to have the adjuster reopen the claim for settlement purposes now?

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    Her insurance company has a contractual obligation to pay her. Claims can be reopened with a keystroke.

    This time butt out and let your daughter handle it. You made a mess of it last time.

    It was up to her to invoke Appraisal, not the adjuster. It would have been up to her to pay her appraiser and half of the mediator's fee, which would have substantially eroded her settlement.

    Let her take the offer and turn over the car to the insurance company. Any other course of action would be foolish.

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    Thanks for your input. However, I believe you are quite wrong with your opinion indicating "You made a mess of it last time" this is an ironic statement considering the fact I spoke with the adjuster's supervisor stating the 3rd party company whose data being used for the comparable vehicle's in my opinion was old data and the company was utilizing 2 auto dealer's who were no longer in business. Whether I was wrong or right the supervisor agreed to run and to use the comparable report through another company. This essentially increased the value of my daughter's vehicle by $400.00. BINGO! The 2nd factor the adjuster stated the salvage buy back for the vehicle would be $1,200.00. I told the adjuster she was out of her mind and I wanted to know how she came up with that figure. Simply put she pulled that number out of her tail pipe. I told the adjuster I had been monitoring their auctions at Insurance Auto Auctions both locally and statewide with similar damaged and valued vehicles. Well, she then requested auction bid report from IAA which resulted in a $725.00 buy back. In my opinion I do not believe I messed anything up. Also, my personal mechanic and a neighbor asked what my daughter wanted for the vehicle. i told both on top of what she'd receive for the settlement my daughter would have to pay $1,000.00 to keep the vehicle. Both agreed they'd buy the vehicle at that price. I'll see if they do. If not no biggie. It's money in her pocket not mine.

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