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    Default Does the "Cares Act" Cover Sallaried Workers

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: NJ and otherwise.

    I have been looking for an answer since the CARES act was passed and I can't find an answer. If you call the unemployment office they say call back another day because they can't take any more calls that day. They don't answer emails.

    The question is not a complicated one.

    Section 2108. Temporary Financing of Short-time Compensation Payments in States with Programs in Law
    This section provides funding to support "short-time compensation" programs, where employers reduce employee hours instead of laying off workers and the employees with reduced hours receive a pro-rated unemployment benefit. This provision would pay 100 percent of the costs they incur in providing the short-time compensation through December 31,2020.
    So while non-exempt workers may be entitled to a pro-rated unemployment benefit, what about salaried employees who have to take a cut in salary because of this pandemic? How is it different?

    The company I work for just cut salaried workers from 12 to 25 percent depending on their compensation. The more you make, the higher percent your salary was cut.

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