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Both of my brothers are contractors and neither one of them, nor any of their friends will ever work for an attorney again, because every one of them got burned by an attorney.

One of them dug out a basement to make a half basement a whole basement, and then built a mother in law suite for the guys MIL. It was being financed by the sale of her small home. The contractor deliberately did a labor only quote and told the lawyer that he would have to buy all of the materials himself. However, he did give the lawyer an idea of how much the materials would cost. The lawyer bought much higher end fixtures and appliances than were needed and when the money from the MILs house was gone, he refused to pay any more labor to the contractor, because the job was over budget. He then sued the contractor for walking off the job.
Interesting story and thanks for sharing.

A lawyer can make what is just and fair appear unfair...and make it legally binding. They can also turn a good person into a bad person...legally. It is their job to do this to good people on a daily basis...all for sport and to win at any cost.

Hearing an excuse like "those are just isolated incidents" would be just more of the BS they spew to cover for their unethical expertise.

"Doctors and Lawyers" should never be used in the same sentence because doctors are all trained to help people and lawyers are trained to hurt good people...and do it on a regular basis.