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    Default Re: Can I Get Compensation for Water Damage from New Refrigerator

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    I've had to buy water and ice for the last couple weeks because of this ..
    Because of what exactly? That you may have a bad connection from your fridge to the water/ice maker? That is not a defect in the fridge. That is a plumbing problem.

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    that isn't the issue as much as having a refrigerator blocking a walkway ....
    Then turn off the water supply to the fridge and put it back where it belongs until you get a plumber in there to fix the leak.

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    i've written sarah labbe from that contact list before writing in this forum and have yet to receive a response from her, as well. will use twitter/facebook now. appreciate any other suggestions.
    I guess you bought the fridge from Best Buy. They will tell you what I'm telling you, call a plumber.

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