I am in the process of buying a used Tesla from a dealership in Utah. I live in Washington and was planning to buy the car aight unseen, having the dealer ship the vehicle to me after closing on the sale. After applying better judgement and deciding to visit the dealer to see the car, I discovered some undisclosed damage which the dealer agreed to fix (in the contract I signed) before shipping.

I completed this visit and signed all purchasing and financing paperwork approximately 2 weeks ago, and the dealer is still dragging their feet on making the repairs and shipping the car. Today when I called, the sales guy told me that the cars mileage is approximately 200 miles above what was listed on the disclosure statement I signed.

The dealer has been sketchy throughout the process, and I certainly donít feel comfortable doing business with them. Do I have any options to back out of the sale or pursue legal options? The discrepancy in mileage is small but still dishonest. Thank you in advance!