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    Default Re: Safety at Work with Coronavirus

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    This is utterly pointless. There is no requirement for anyone here to be more than minimally courteous (yours certainly doesn't meet that bar) and the post that has your knickers in a knot was not rude, it stated facts of life with a bit of tongue in cheek humor, something that you'll need to survive in the world. You show signs of another Millennial trait, however, you're thin skinned. Your rant about AJ says far more about you than it does about him.

    I can't see how it's a requirement of law that an employer provide you with masks and hand sanitizer. Additionally, if those in the medical field cannot get them why on earth do you think your employer would be able to? As to harassing corporate management, well, that won't do you anything good either.
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    Default Re: Safety at Work with Coronavirus

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    Hey adjusterjack did you realize your a troll! life must be real hard in Phoenix being a miserable man who looks for peoples posts to harass them, i mean you spent your life in insurance... kind of boring if you ask me, plus you look like some white privileged daddy’s boy, and you sound judgmental and racist, it’s pretty easy to find your profile you leave a trail like a rusty old snail. I may not be an expert in law but Millennials are great on computers and tracking! I will say it’s sick when some are generally asking for help, and I’ve noted that you have dedicated your life to making people miserable and ridiculing them. I pray to god your heart changes because of you get coronavirus be thankful otherwise no one would have attended your funeral if you died of natural causes. My best friend is another coworker, who also had her health jeaoirdized, by negligence of our company, she is pregnant and Is being tested for coronavirus. Your a sick person, maybe have some sympathy and compassion in a time of a pandemic when so many are dying, maybe you deem my stat of being a “essential Employee” not so essential, well guess what i wish it were the case that i wasn’t and certain terms and contracts force me to go to work our company treats us like we are non-essential employees” yet a lot of us our risking our health and safety everyday while we have people with their “essential travel” While we operate and clearly not following OSHA’s guidelines or homeland security. Rather then ridicule them on a forum, why not help, your probably so miserable with your sad life that you get off on being a troll to people. May god help you in this grave time we face you fit the criteria of being old and having an underlying condition of being a cancer to society.
    LIKE BUTTON! ...Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

    But don't worry guys (and one gal), this person will likely disappear into the background, like those before him/her, and you can go about your trollish pastime without anyone calling you out on it.

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