My question involves real estate located in the State of: California

I'll try to keep this simple, My deed goes back to 1914 when it was a 30 acre parcel. It states in great detail how 2 road size chunks of land were quit claim deed to a electric company to remain easements in perpetuity, even stating ijt's continuance to the companies successors and assigns, the land is conveyed to the electric company to have and to hold as access easement only. It's much more detailed but thats the jist of it. The 30 acre parcel over the years was sub divided into many lots since and there is now a house adjacent to mine ( the original owners in 1914's house), and his lot shows the land as part of his now, but I dont think it did originally I think it somehow got enlarged over the years wrongfully.
I have used the road inbetween our house which is accurately depicted in my deed for 30 years to access the back of my property. Where I have a shop 8 classic muscle cars and my truck. My neighbor decided it;s his put up a big gate locked it and parked his RV on it. Then built a cinderblock wall inbetween our properties, which turns out is 3 inches over onto my property according to a recent survey.
I have a few questions
1 could the land that was set aside and quitclaim deeded to the electric company before there was even a lot or house there, somehow be sold or included as part of that lot? It would have had to have been done by someone other than the original owners as they were long gone by then. And their intent was obviously for it to remain forever an access easement.
2. Can I tear down the wal since its on my property I have 2 kinds of legal easements and my work truck is now inaccessable?
There is actually a lot more to this story I just didnt want to list all of it, it's quite lengthy.