My question involves court procedures for the state of: Tennessee

I have a Judgement by default and
I am having a difficult time confirming a debtors current address and property. If he is there then I don't want to scare him before I can get a lawyer, but since I can't afford a lawyer I need solid information. Basically some would be more interested to take it, if I had an easy case that could be collected. The debtor has a tendency to lie and run. I did have a wage garnishment for almost 2 years only because of luck and a rumor, the debtor still owes a lot.

The information I have so far,
*The debtor is listed as the owner on the TN Gov Comptroller site, it seems current.
*A different person is listed as paying the property tax from 2006 to persent on Tennessee trustee site for that county.
* Google search says the other person is shown to be living at a different address in that area, could the debtor be using the name to hide property ?
* I emailed the county mayor trying to reach the property assessors office since that was the only email on the County site. He replied the other person no longer lived there. There was no timeline of when or mention of the debtor at all.
* I messaged the county sheriff's office and they said they couldn't give out personal information but could serve that address.
I only wanted to know if he could be served or not without actually going to the property. If I went to the court to have the sheriff seize the property how would they verify it was his or if he owed money on it ?

* If possible I would like to block any attempt to file bankruptcy or transfer property if he actually owns it.