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    Default Airbnb Eviction Process

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California
    Fortunately I do not have an Airbnb squatter, but for peace of mind I was wondering about this. My Airbnb guests stay no more than 2 to 7 days, so these are not tenants. These are transient occupancy guests.
    What happens if someone refuses to leave? Can I just call the sheriff or do i need to go through that whole unlawful detainer process?
    I think I remember reading an article that suggested that California had fixed the laws, and that simply because you collect a transient occupancy tax (which Airbnb does automatically) your guests are automatically considered transient occupancy guests.

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    Default Re: Airbnb Eviction Process

    Google is your friend.

    Feel free to call the police or sheriff in the locality where your property is located and ask what they would do if this situation arose.

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