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    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: NY

    I bought my first two properties two years ago in Rochester NY. Last year I switched car insurance companies and forgot to add back my umbrella policy. A meter was broken into at one property and RG Electric demanded a whole new coded meter that was out of stock for 6-7weeks. My general insurance denied my claim because it wasnít over my deductible at least the part that wasnít the city code issue, which wasnít covered. I didnít realize the power was off in one apt for an entire month after that until RG E turned all four units off a month after the tampering (past Thursday). I got the families to friends and hotels when they didnít have them, but it looks like it may be possible I am negligent for not offering a hotel to the first family who have a small baby, even though I was told by the PM she said she was fine staying w friends. I have the normal clauses in our rental agreement and with my property manager, but from what I am reading I could still be liable for not verbally offering habitable housing. Any insights?

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    See my response on the other site.

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