Hi everyone,

I am a resident physician on a J1 visa and we are not allowed to moonlight outside of our training program for extra money given that it is an exchange visa (per ECFMG rules). However, last year our program asked residents to assist with a new electronic medical record system launch and did not specify whether it is considered moonlighting or not and if J1 holders can do it - most of residents are on J1ís. This was also not specified on the contract that I signed.

So I signed up and earned a small amount of money from this but found out yesterday that it is indeed considered moonlighting and should not be done by J1 holders. I have stopped immediately and will discuss this issue with my graduate medical education department but thought I would also ask this forum. Any suggestions?

I mean this was signed off by my program, there should have been more safe guards in my opinion. I am just happy I found out before I made any more money.