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    Default Stock Shares and Back Child Support

    My question involves a child support case from the State of: texas

    9 years ago my ex left with my 2 kids in the middle of the night 4 years ago I was brought to court and ordered to pay 90k in back child support I'm still back and fourth fighting this case she stated it's not about money and I dont owe her anything yet court says I do I have zero communication with her or kids since she left.

    I have inherited stock shares and wish to cash out on them its 17k worth if I transfer them to my name and opt to cash out can the child support office take the check and apply them to back support owed or will it just be sent to me to cash and be on my way.

    Awhile back I was in a car accident and got no settlement as it went to child support office..

    Or should I try and put it in my name and gift it to someone else.

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    Default Re: Stock Shares and Back Child Support

    Once the stocks are yours they may be taken for your child support arrears. Whether that will actually happen is impossible to know. You have the option to disclaim the inheritance in which case they never become yours and they go to the next person in line to inherit them. So it's up to you whether to take the stocks and hope they don't get attached. You might also consider whether using the money to reduce your arrears might benefit you in the long run. It helps get the balance paid and reduces the balance on which interest is being added, saving you interest costs.

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