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    Default How to Check My House's Current Title

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: CA
    When we formed the revocable living trust few years ago, the attorney helped us to correctly fund the trust by transferring the house title.
    Since then I have done several mortgage refinance transactions. I vaguely recollect that some of them took the house out of
    trust for some procedural requirement of the loan approval process. Now I have paid off the mortgage and the mortgage company
    has recorded the "substitution of trustee and full reconveyance" in the county recorder's office. In that paperwork, I see my name
    but not my wife's or the trust name. How do I figure out if the house is still held in the name of our trust ? I tried asking the folks
    in the clerk recorder's office. She said legally she can help only to print the documents but not to answer other questions.
    Any suggestions on how do I figure out and do the right thing to make sure the house is in the trust name ?

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    Default Re: How to Check My House's Current Title

    Difficult to answer from here.

    It's possible that the "revocable" trust was revoked for purposes of refinancing. You may have signed some paperwork at the time which was not well-explained to you. If you see your name on the recent paperwork, but not as "trustee" of the previous trust.

    Recorder's office clerks are not permitted to give legal advice, and the clerk you talked to was properly trained. Some are not and cause huge problems.

    My advice would be to contact the attorney who originally set up and funded the trust for you. That would be a good place to start, but if unavailable, any local real estate attorney should be able to advise in the matter.

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    Default Re: How to Check My House's Current Title

    Try looking up the property address with the county assessor's website.

    That should give you the name of the current owner.

    If it's you as an individual, you'll have to back track all the deed changes to see what happened.

    Or, start with the deed from when you first purchased the house and move forward to see the changes in ownership.

    Depending on how long ago you bought the house, you might be able to do that online. But if your original purchase deed is too old to be online, you'll make a personal visit to the recorder's office. Count on spending a few hours.

    Or, pay your attorney to figure it out.

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    Default Re: How to Check My House's Current Title

    There are companies called that will research the property title history and give you a read and then issue warranties on their findings. They are called "Title Researchers"/"Title Insurers"

    If the house is not titled to you or an entity you have sole control over, it's not "your house".

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