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    Default Abusive of Cr Regarding the Federal System for General Assistance (Snap/Ebt, Cash)

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Washington

    I have a very unusual, complex case with ye ol' welfare office. And its quite interesting, remarkable, and would make any lawyer cringe (We're looking at least 10,000 documents of medical information).

    So, in short.

    I'm a disabled person, and I have multiple disabling conditions. I applied for SSDI through the SSA and it is pending being adjudicated (8 years running, but that's another story.)

    In the meantime, my interim assistance is welfare, general assistance, cash benefits, food stamps, ebt, all that stuff, the stuff I qualify for. Have had it and been on it for many a year without hindrance.

    1 year ago, the Department of Health & Social Services made an error, a rather costly and detrimental error that was, is and has been harmful to me, as it denied me any and all benefits. It was an error the department of health admitted to, which led to no longer being disabled or eligible for food stamps or cash assistance. This has had a cascading effect, as I rely heavily on these things so that I can eat as well as be sheltered, as well as for medical and medicinal reasons.

    Anyway, after much argument and fighting, I filed for what was called an internal fair hearing, that happened many months later. I lost, even after providing nearly 1,000 pages of medical documentation, doctor notes, and other information that substantiated the disabilities I was claiming. I not only had one letter from a doctor, I had several, from primary care to specialist doctors who are and continue to treat me for multiple conditions. Several of these letters stated I could not engage in gainful work activity of 30 hours or more per work week.

    Wasn't enough. No CT scan, MRI, or literally 20 years of medical evidence will change their mind. Hard, factual evidence by a multitude of doctors over a span of decades, still not enough.

    The departments reason for denying me? I do not know. After many, many years of being on this program, they suddenly changed gears and refuse to say I meet the eligibility requirements and continue to say I'm a fully capable and abled body adult who can work a full 30 or 40 hour work week.

    The evidence is just insane and it is I believe indisputable. History, length of time, and a plethora of doctors say either similar or the same thing, and as the years goes by, more and more is added to support my case and prior conditions worsen. Nothing has got better.

    What on earth do I do? I'm being screwed with, discriminated against, told I'm not disabled, and should be out there working myself to death when I physically cannot and my doctors state the same thing. The state doctors who have to evaluate and re-evaluate me from time to time to continue to receive benefits, have also said similar things. Initially, the state doctors for welfare said I was permanently disabled and referred me to SSI/SSDI for a permanent disabling condition. Now, they say I have zero disabling conditions. None at all.

    I have a stack of papers, that took an act of God to retrieve, and is still not complete, from the state, my own medical file, that I requested nearly a dozen times. I had to write a letter to the governor, and I CC'd the deputy governor, attorney general, deputy AG, director of DHS and deputy director as well as DHS before i got at least a partial copy of my medical file. And it is really interesting.

    For several years, it always stated incapacitated and disabled. Starting 1 year ago when the department errored, it flip flops literally every month, to several times a month, to "disabled", or "not disabled", and "incapacitated' to "not incapacitated." Literally every other month is disabled or not disabled. And within a 3 month time frame, state doctors have listed very serious impairments that deemed me disabled and incapacitated, to 3 months later a completely different diagnoses, with new things added, and no longer disabled and incapacitated. Disabling conditions magically disappeared and went away, and were either replaced or no longer notated other newer evaluations.

    I can't stress enough how screwed up this is. I mentioned this started about a year ago in 2019. And I've been supplying medical evidence has they come in, continue to see doctors, receive doctor notes.. I receive letters stating the department has reviewed, 500 pages, 1000, pages, 1500 pages, 2000 pages, 2500 pages, 3000 pages and beyond yet still deem me not disabled. And 1 month ago, I went to another evaluation to try and get re-approved for benefits, and the physician who evaluated me stated that I had not submitted any documents, none what-so-ever, in 3 years and denied me yet again. I had even brought a couple dozen of recent visits, treatments, and what not that show, and still show more than one disabling condition. But this physician decided to write up on my denial that I provided no documentation to support any of my claims, and that for the last 3 years I've received General Assistance, I've not submitted any medical evidence to support my claims.

    Insane? I believe so, and beyond.

    I'm at a critical loss and juncture. I don't know how to resolve this. It's having a massively negative effect on me. The state has not provided me with any benefits what-so-ever in over 6 months.

    What can I do? Do I have options? Lawyers don't want to deal with my case because its worthless to them. Not a big money case. Zero money for them.

    Feeling very screwed and hungry

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    Default Re: Abusive of Cr Regarding the Federal System for General Assistance (Snap/Ebt, Cash

    Did you appeal the denial within the allowed time frame ? If you did not you.can file a new application and appeal when you are denied. You and/ or your doctors saying you are disabled and unable to work means nothing. Either you meet the requirements or you do not. Perhaps the requirements have changed.

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