My question involves education law in the State of: Ohio

I was told that if I quit my job to go full-time at my university, that I could fill out a special circumstances form in order to receive more financial aid. However, the head of the department decided that I would not be allowed to apply for special circumstances because I willingly left my job. They then went on to say that the department could not allow me to receive more money because I could get another job and not tell them. I know this is faulty logic but my question is, if I intentionally lie about my financial status (which I will not do) would that come back on the university? Would not the culpability be solely on the one committing the fraud?

At this point I do not have many options, but I am trying to build a case to show that the head of financial aid is out of line. Their decision will impact the larger adult-student population and I believe it is wrong to withhold the opportunity to receive more aid. I also think it is wrong to indirectly call a student a liar when there hasn't been any evidence to support such a claim.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.