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    Default Re: Voluntary Quit- Trailing Spouses- Relocating with a Fiance from California to Nv

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    do I have to travel back to CA if it ends up going to an appeal ?
    No. They'll do it by phone. He did his by phone. You can tell because they mailed him his hearing packet. Normally, if you have an in-person hearing, you have to go pick it up.

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    I should wait about a week later after we have unpacked and im ready to accept full time work? Does that timing sound correct ?
    Ideally, your significant other needs to do the unpacking. If you have time to unpack, then you should have stayed in CA and worked another week, and flew to TX when you could start your job search.

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    the denial chance is high
    If this is true, it's because it's really easy to say, write, and do things wrong before you leave. Make your move "textbook."

    People read that guide, and think they'll have no trouble. Then they don't get proof that they asked their employer to transfer them or allow telecommute (no attempt to preserve employment). No mention of the reason for the move in the letter of resignation (UI is about the reason you quit at the time you quit. Not the reason you made up after you are denied to try to get UI because you've been out of work for two months in the new location and are starting to hurt). They quit work early to pack and plan the move (quitting early is disqualifying and the purpose of the UI is preserve the family unit, not so you can save a buck not hiring movers). In your case, you wouldn't even have a wedding planned at the time of your application for UI.

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