I am moving soon as my fiance received a promotion which requires relocating from CA to NV. On the EDD website I see there is a section about "trailing spouse" however we are engaged and have a wedding date set for 8 months away. We will be moving in two months. I see there is a section for registered domestic partners and also, it says if "marriage is imminent". This is what I found on the CA EDD website.
"The claimant's prospective marriage is imminent and involves a relocation to another area because the claimant's future spouse has established or intends to establish his or her home there, and it is impossible or impractical for the claimant to commute to work from the other area" VOLUNTARY QUIT 155- domestic reason. From reading this it seems pretty cut and dry. I just want to make sure I do all that I need to, to get the best chance at an approval as it will take a little while to find work. I plan on giving my employer a 30 day written notice. Does that notice need to say anything specific about my reasons for quitting? When we move and after a week of unpacking when I am ready for interviews I plan to file for EDD in CA. What documents will be needed, or is just my written word all I need? Do I need to show proof from his employer he is transferring? Do I need to show proof we are engaged to be married?

My stomach is in all sorts of knots over this because I have been with this company 3.5 years and its a very unconventional small construction company with some serious HR issues going on and several employee and sub contractor lawsuits are always flying around here. There is no actual HR department, its just the owners wife who happens to literally be the devil in disguise. In the time I have been here, she has has fired 7 different employees in 3.5 yrs. They were all decent employees, she just hates everyone but me it seems like. She fights their unemployment when they file, and she will absolutely protest when she finds out that I have filed after I quit. I know its not her decision for me to be granted the EDD benefits but seems she will make it hard on me if she can. Not to mention there is a chance of getting an EDD claim person not familiar with the " marriage is imminent" clause, or how could I possibly fight an appeal if I have moved to another state. If I needed to take it that far, how would that work?

We are paycheck to paycheck people and its taking our wedding money and all our savings just to make this move. It will hopefully better our quality of life with his promotion and lower cost of living so we are taking the leap. I just cannot see this being a smooth transition unless I can get some sort of EDD Benefits while im looking for a job. If I had some confidence I would be approved for benefits I think this would be a major stress relief as the anxiety is almost overwhelming for me. Is there anyone here with any experience in this specific situation or similar that has any advise?