My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

Late last year I was arrested for a felony warrant for fraud from a different county from where I reside. When I got arrested I had roughly $3,000 cash and possession of my cousins debit card. Even after explaining to the arresting officers I legally obtained the cash from work and had my cousin's card because he left it at my home by mistake I was also charged with debit card abuse. Right after the officers took my cash along with my cousins card, my phone, my laptop and even my debit cards in my name. Later that day I bonded out of county jail and about a month later the debit card abuse charge was dropped. As of right now the charge I had a warrant for from another county is still pending. My question is am I able to get all of my property back due to the local charge being dropped or do I have to wait because of the out of county charge?