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Nope, just YOU. And even the OP just showed that.

YOU are the TROLL and it's so damn obvious. You offer zero help to anyone & all you do is come here to condemn the folks that are here helping others. Sure, you talk a good game to visitors while you condemn others, only none of it is true. You offer absolutely NOTHING other than trying to demean those helping here. Over and over, thread after thread, with nothing but trolling and thread ruining garbage.

IMO, whoever is in charge should ban you to clean up future threads and avoid having a child interrupt so often.
We all have our own definition of the word "troll" but it has one meaning in common. It describes the most despicable behavior on a forum. Agreed?

Question: I see about 5-10 guys (and at least one female) who come here to take rude swipes at OP's who are just looking for informed advice. Are those nasty comments acceptable to you? Do you see those guys as trolls as well? Or only me for pointing them out?

Telling OP's they are "free to sue" comes from folks who have never sued a person in their lives. I recently asked if a single person here, including the retired police officer and one lawyer, if they have ever been a plaintiff or a defendant in a court case. Nobody stepped forward and said they have. Yet I, who have been a defendant or plaintiff about twelve times, is the "troll" who posts here? Really?

You say I'm only here to condemn, well, I can recognize and acknowledge the good posters. The top of the list are budwad and searcher99. The bottom of the list is glaringly obvious.