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I think PayrolGuy, Adjusterjack, TaxingMatters are incorrect and are not accounting for your damages correctly. I think if the gallery owner sold your art at a higher price you are not only entitled to the amount he retains but I feel you are also entitled to the difference of what your original agreed price was with him and the higher price he probably sold it at. Telling you that your damages are just contained to a simple 10K retained amount makes no sense and to me is completely wrong. I'm not sure what their backgrounds are but for the most part their advise seems correct but they don't seem to be able to account for all damages correctly. Which would the most important aspect of this if the art is no longer available. The gallery owner basically took the profits from you that were yours. They are wrong, your damages are not just the retained 10k

Great, what laws our court decisions are you basing that on.