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    Question Pretty Purple Led Fog Lights

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Ga. Flowery Branch City Police

    I have Pretty Purple Fog Lights in my 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Lusso. I was given a ticket for blue Lights... I did not argue with the cop or claim guilt.

    I want to write letters to the City Police Department and Judge explaining that I had no intent of having Blue lights as I bought and Installed Purple. My choice in Purple may of been poor as it can be viewed as Blue... as blue and purple are so close in color. I am hoping that by changing my Fog Lights to Yellow or Pink as the Officer said where much safer colors that will show my true intent to respect and follow the Law. Will they still hit me with the $1000.00 fine for purple lights even as I had no intent of them ever being seen or viewed as Blue?

    My mistake was choosing purple based on my love of purple and not understanding others intent of saying how they view Purple being the same as Blue. After being faced with harsh views of my poor color choice I wash to follow better examples. It is my intent to be allowed to have and Love my new car and do so without causing problems.

    I feel paying the fine is ok as long as a mark is not placed on me for making such a simple mistake.

    I only chose purple to express my love and passion for my new really cute car.

    If I would of known how the Police feel purple is the same as blue then I would of never of choose it.

    I am worried at the next holiday or road block when they run my Tag or check my ID this will show up on my record giving them reason to detain me and be a window or door to open new problems of no trust. People make Mistakes and being labeled as a person who has deceived the Police with Purple lights and seen as someone they now need to always check and watch is not how I want to be treated.

    I do respect my City, County, and State. I am sorry I have made this mistake.

    Do you think if I write letters to the City Judge, Chief of Police they may let me pick up trash or cut grass to regain their trust that I am a good clean person?

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    Default Re: Pretty Purple Led Fog Lights

    What was the code section you were issued a citation for?

    Do not write anything to anyone. That isn't going to do you any good.

    Your first appearance in traffic/municipal court in Georgia is almost always going to be a quick plea entry. Guilty, Not Guilty, Nolo Contendre. I have seen traffic cases heard the same day if both parties are prepared and wish to move forward after the docket call. If you wish to contest the citation, you would want to plead Not Guilty. Bring any evidence you have with you that day in case the prosecutor wishes to move forward on the same day. That will save you one or more trips back to court for trial.

    Is the shade of purple you chose really that close to blue? I haven't seen all the colors of the spectrum but in my experience blue and purple are usually pretty easy to differentiate. I'm a guy though so maybe that's why.

    Get the lights changed and take proof of this to court with you. If the color purple you have isn't really all that blue, I'd take pictures to court as proof you didn't violate the statute. If it close enough for an honest mistake to have happened, you can try pleading ignorance in that you did not realize the lights would be in violation. The judge may cut you a break.

    This violation gives the police no special rights or permissions with regards to treatment of you. They aren't going to hold this against you. Had you been running around actively impersonating a police officer with the lights, you might expect some lingering attention from the police. It does not sound like that is what happened here though.

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    Default Re: Pretty Purple Led Fog Lights

    If you were cited for 40-8-90 then you are going to have to convince the judge that purple is not blue:

    Take photos of you purple lights day and night and get photos of blue lights day and night for comparison.

    The trouble is that the Lighting Equipment statute might restrict the use TO certain colors and exclude ALL others:

    The safe bet is remove the purple lights and replace them with white lights and bring your receipt and photos to court. Equipment citations often get dismissed if you remedy the reason for the citation.

    There are other ways of quenching your thirst for purple.

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    Default Re: Pretty Purple Led Fog Lights

    I have better than average color sense and have no trouble telling purple from blue. However, the last time I had someone driving behind me who had "purple" lights I really thought it was a cop for about half a mile. There are some awfully blue purples out there.

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