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    Default Re: Can You Request a Motion to Dismiss at a Change of Plea Hearing

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    The one who was crappy was the prosecutor in the voudire of prospective jurors.
    The prosecutor could have done an excellent voir dire and the same result could have occurred. One can never really predict what a jury will do once it retires to deliberate. One side could present what most observers in the court room thought was the far better case and yet still lose because the jurors saw the case differently or considered things other than what everyone else considered. Lawyers do their best to pick jurors that will be more sympathetic to their case, but the limited time the lawyer has to ask questions means that they can't get a very in depth picture of the juror. And given the limited peremptory challenges (the ability to kick off a juror without cause) in many jurisdictions the lawyer can only do so much to weed out those he or she suspects might not be favorable for his/her case. In short there is just no way to know on the limited information we have — that the jury acquitted the defendant just on a feeling that the whole process was overblown for a theft charge of $60 — whether the prosecutor did a good voir dire.

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    Default Re: Can You Request a Motion to Dismiss at a Change of Plea Hearing

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    I will absolutely admit we were a crappy jury. But do you think I, or the others, really care what some righteous interwebz moral authority like yourself thinks ? lulz.
    You are the one that felt the need to tell your little story. And what I think about it doesn't matter. That is why I suggested you retell it the next time you are called for jury duty. Those present at that case will care.

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    Default Re: Can You Request a Motion to Dismiss at a Change of Plea Hearing

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    That is why I suggested
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    But no.
    I intend to continue being what you consider a crappy juror. Even if I have to lie.

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