My question involves personal finance in the State of: New York and Florida

Brief History: My mother passed in September of 2019. In 2018, she won a judgement from a scammer in Florida and received two restitution checks from the courts down there. Before she passed, she had begun to lose her faculties, and I found these checks in a pile with other unopened mail. Needless to say they were well past their date. For these checks (and others) I contacted the places where they came from to have them re-issued. Some places, including the courts in Florida, had me send the originals back to them. In these cases, since I am dealing with her estate, I made copies of the checks, cut them out, and stored the copies.

Present: After doing a desk re-organization, I found the two copies of the checks from Florida, and realizing that I had not yet received the re-issued checks, I put them in a conspicuous place on my desk to address the issue in the upcoming weeks. When I am busy, my wife helps me out with remedial tasks like check depositing with our mobile app. I mistakenly put these copies in the same general area where I put checks that need depositing.

I figured that they would not clear, but they have.

What steps should I take regarding this? If there were any laws that were inadvertently broken, I want to make sure that I stay ahead of the situation.

Any tips or suggestions are sincerely appreciated.