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    Default Test. Have I Been Approved to Post

    I wrote out a really long post 1.5 weeks ago and it got stuck in moderation. No response from moderators. Before I go through the effort again I want to ensure that my account has been approved.

    Well... Looks like I've been approved. But now I can't figure out if it's possible to delete this post. :|

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    Default Re: Test. Have I Been Approved to Post

    It's not likely that YOU weren't approved, but you put something like a link in the post that the thing thought might be spam. The moderators on this site are very sleepy.

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    Default Re: Test. Have I Been Approved to Post

    Ah. Probably the handful of imgur URLs which had screenshots of Google Maps? I'll keep those out of my re-write.

    And if a mod gets around to it, feel free to delete this.

    Grrr. My post was just put into moderation with only and googlemaps links. Luckily I saved a copy of the text this time around so I'll try again without any links.

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    Default Re: Test. Have I Been Approved to Post

    Give us a brief summary, one paragraph, and we'll tell you if we need anything else in order to give helpful comments.

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