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    Default Broke Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: IL

    I moved out of a section 8 low income apartment that had beg bugs and strong musty odor in apartment. Landlord refused to do walk through. Took out $4 from my deposit. Kept partial rent I feel she owes. Complained to state, local and HUD entities , and consumer online groups to help resolve my issue with jerk landlord. Seems like they have immunity anymore. Tenants have little, to no rights.

    Wonder if small claims would work? As the landlord denies any wrong and appears to think I owe her nothing. She could appeal and off to bigger, expensive court.

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    In that situation I too would probably move, especially if the landlord was not proactive about the bed bugs. Small claims court is pretty much your only option assuming you can prove your case with pictures or other evidence. If it’s not a very large judgment, I wouldn’t think the landlord would appeal.

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    Depending on how long you lived there and the condition of the unit when you left. The landlord might be entitled to the deposit kept. It is up to the landlord if they want to prorate the rent.

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