My question involves a marriage in the state of:NY
In December the support order was modified. The old order was going through the Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSE). The support is to be paid out on the first of each month, in both the old and new order. With the old order, CSE would split up the payout to twice a month, so I would get the money retro. The new order came in mid-month of December to them and they closed the account and sent back half the child support to the payor. The order reads: Effective 10/11/19 the payor is chargeable with the support of child 1 and is possessed of sufficient means and ability to earn such means to provide the payment of the sum $x monthly to payee by cash, check, or money order, such payments to commence on 1/1/20.
How do I collect the support that was not paid out in December, I am still owed half the amount for the month. I have called the CSE to no avail, I have called the court to no avail. What do I do now?