My question involves criminal law for the state of: Connecticut. The past week I didnít not feel well but I had no time off to take so my friend would clock me in and clock me out when we would get out, she told me that she knew someone that was doing it for a month straight so I thought doing it 2-3 times wasnít going to be any harm. Yesterday I was recently called to HR and asked about why I clocked in but not to my station (Iím a stower btw) and if I came in those days to clock in. I told them I wasnít sure if I was but when they asked if someone else clocked me in I denied. They told me they would investigate this further. I go in a little later but Iím a little scared they go to law enforcement and I end up going to jail I know some people got fired for doing it for themselves but not for others I already tried getting fired so I wonít be disappointed if I did but Iím afraid of the law more. Please help with any advice or suggestions or ideas that can help out with my situation???