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    Default Can Chiropractors Mess You Up

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: AZ

    I wish I could sue The Joint for messing up my neck but my obstacle is I don't know for sure if my arms now tingle because of the cracking or if it's because of a small aerial yoga accident or just bad posture. Anybody know if itís possible for a chiropractor to mess up the nerves in someoneís neck just by giving them an adjustment? Iím in my late 20s so maybe this sort of nerve damage is normal at my age.

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    It's possible the chiroquacktor did it, but it's also possible that your previous incident did. Further, you won't know or be able to work the conditions until you get to a proper (MD or DO) doctor who specializes in such things. THen if he believes the chiroquacktor caused it and you have some LASTING injury, then you can consult a medical malpractice attorney to see if you can collect damages.

    But the first step is to get a competent medical evaluation.

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    Default Re: Can Chiropractors Mess You Up

    When you went to a doctor and asked him that question, what did the doctor say?

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    Default Re: Can Chiropractors Mess You Up

    Of course it's possible, but so what?

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    Default Re: Can Chiropractors Mess You Up

    Of course not. Quacks never screw you up - only bonafide real doctors.

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    Default Re: Can Chiropractors Mess You Up

    Yeah it is possible.

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